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 Meet Our Team
Cooper is our 5 year old Boxer/Beagle and our youngest who is also my little runner.  At three years old he is my most active pup and our most social as well.  He loves meeting new dogs along our running routes and visiting with all his friends along the boardwalk. He has some allergies so I have been working on a Sensitive Skin Formula for the past year and I am hoping to add that to the line of products as soon as I get through this tough flea season to make sure it is working as well as the other remedies do. Cooper currently receives  his flea & tick treatemnt through a cold water diffuser as well as the sensitive skin drops. Cooper was a Action for Animals Rescue from Latrobe, Pa.
September 1, 2012
BuddyDogShop - Cooper
BuddyDogShop - Buddy
Buddy is a 5 years old Boxer/ Great Dane mix and quite the active boy.  He doesn't run as Cooper does but he loves to play in the yard and at every opportunity, he loves to roll in the grass.  Ticks hide in the blades of grass waiting for a host to come by and pick them up. Buddy is not going to be that host.  Buddy is incontinent and the last think he needs is another irritation so we will be using holistic alternatives for the remainder of his life. Buddy was a Delaware County SPCA Rescue from  Media, Pa.
July 20, 2012
BuddyDogShop - Tooten
BuddyDogShop - Rusty
Rooten Tooten, our 11 year old Pibble mix is epileptic and over the years, many medications have been introduced into his life to control the seizures. I hated having to give him those toxic flea medications.  With 100% essentials oils, it is one less toxin I have to put into his body and we all like that idea. Tooten was rescued from Loudoun County, Va Animal Control.  
January 1, 2007
Rusty is a Jack Russell Terrier and is 17 years old. I do not want to give her any more chemicals that I don't have to.  She has been using Buddy's Flea & Tick Remedies for years now and it has been working well.  It has even cleared up her dry skin issues in the winter.  Rusty was a Second Chance Rescue from Wellngton, FL.  December 14, 1999 - August 26, 2017 - Fly high my angel.