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Fall 2017 

Fleas and ticks can find their way into your pet’s fur very easily, the first step in protecting your cat or dog is to do daily skin checks (this can be done while grooming, which is also very helpful in keeping these pests at bay).  There is no reason for your animal to suffer needlessly.  Early detection of a flea or tick infiltration (and the prompt removal of the pest) will reduce symptoms of flea allergy dermatitis, tape worm, cat scratch fever and, of course, Lyme disease. Next, you will want to continue feeding your pet high-quality food.  This will keep their immune system strong and capable of battling pesky hosts.  Also tidying up indoors (and outdoors) will reduce the chance of any bugs sticking around.  If there is no place to hide, they won’t be as inclined to stay.  And while your kitty won’t be too fond of it, regular bathing has also been proven effective.

Removing a tick can by tricky.  However, according to the FDA, removing the tick within 24 hours can greatly reduce the contraction of Lyme disease.  Using a fine-tip tweezers, grip the tick as closely to the skin as possible (be careful not to crush the bug’s body with the tweezers) and pull gently.  Once the tick has been removed, disinfect the bite site thoroughly.  It is also recommended that you save the tick in a container for your veterinarian to look at.  Remember, if you are having trouble removing the tick, you will want to visit your veterinarian (or emergency pet hospital), immediately, to have it professionally extracted.